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Om Chanti

The Om Chanti Skin Ritual

The Om Chanti Skin Ritual

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The new 4-Part Skin Ritual is a complete skin care routine designed to keep your skin healthy, vibrant, hydrated and glowing. The Ritual includes each of our four core products:

1) (NEW) Time Travel Serum: A  plant-based retinol alternative that is super effective for improving fine lines, skin tone, elasticity, and collagen production.

2) Rose Oil Face cream for full face hydration, protection and dewy glow.

3) Coffee Oil Under eye serum for puffy eyes and dark circles.

4) (NEW) Rose Water Toner to uplift, calm and refresh the skin.

Used on a daily basis, these four products are designed to be all you need for your daily skin care routine. Simple, effective and 100% clean. We look at skin care as part of a larger self care journey. Take time to honor your skin each day, by creating a simple skin care ritual with these four all-natural, lovingly crafted products.

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