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Om Chanti

Rose Water Toner

Rose Water Toner

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Hydrating and balancing, our new Rose Water Toner uplifts, refreshes and tones the skin with a delicate mist of rose hydrosol. 

A perfect compliment to the Om Chanti 4 part Skin Care Ritual, or used on its own. Apply several spritzes of Rose Water Toner to the face to calm, refresh and sooth the skin, help reduce redness and inflammation, and provide lightweight hydration to the skin. 

Sourced from artisan distillers who steam organic rose petals in small batches at the peak of the season, ensuring the highest quality rose water hydrosol. Free of any emulsifying agents, preservatives or additives.

Use any time of day for a boost of glow and hydration to the skin, or use  a perfect compliment to help prep the skin for our Rose Oil Face Cream.

If using as part of our 4 part Skin Care Ritual, apply your Time Travel Face Serum first, then your Coffee Oil Under Eye Serum, followed by a several spritzes of Rose Water Toner, and ending your ritual with an application of Rose Oil Face Cream.

4oz bottle. Frosted glass with bamboo lid.

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